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  • Development

    The secret of a clean code? A team that likes development and a CEO who knows the code, that code as with a keyboard and a pen. A manager constantly learning new technologies, able to anticipate new trends in the technology landscape and to look in the right direction with instinct.

    The result : is clean and pionneer code and projects.


  • Web design

    Triptyk boasts 15 years of experience in web design and has grown with the web life. The big changes and twists that occurred in web design were welcomed because we have a passion for challenge and for optimal results.


  • Training

    In terms of training TRIPYK has nearly 20 years of experience, more important than the content, Triptyk control methods, in all its areas of expertise such as graphic design, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, the HTML, CSS, nodejs, web design, web development, etc.


  • E-learning

    Triptyk give advice  since the beginning of the E-learning in Learning Management Services technology and this for many companies such as UCB and AUCHAN.  Triptyk trainers combine their best technological experience to provide the best advice.

  • Mobile App

    Triptyk, is active in application development, has implemented its expertise on mobile devices to provide access to your tools at all times. In this context we use web technologies and the Apache Cordova project better known as PhoneGap to get a consistent experience across platforms. We also use the XAMARIN project for more integrated mobile dev.

  • Consulting

    Triptyk advises in all areas of expertise and that  it’s added value. TRITYK can intervene at all your project development stages, adapt to workflows in place, and in all cases: put at your service our skills to help you achieve your goals ... in your terms.


  • Single Page Application / Progressive Web Application

    Triptyk has been in the development of Single Page Applications for long time now, this lightweight  front-end application that façade more advanced back-end tools such as for example the Electronic Program Guide for BeTV programs. These applications combine the capabilities of optimizations front-end user interfaces and using any back-end tools having standard communications protocols.


  • Copy

    Triptyk can assume writing, the "copy" of all types of articles, the editorial content of magazines, web page, editorials, internal and external communications and many other things. Give us the  raw elements, the red line and we will set the music!


  • Graphic Design

    We have experience, witch is both in graphic design and especially the art direction.

    At Triptyk, we have a 360 design approach that combines all traditionnal and digital medias.